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Sugar Hooves Whim Wham

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What do you get when you take three instances of pop-culture phenomena and throw them into a blender of silliness?  A Whim Wham!

Each of these lovable characters are an agglomeration of gut wrenching adorableness represented in a super awesome plush toy!

Introducing... the frighteningly adorable creature now known as Sugar Hooves Whim Wham!  A trend mash-up of unicorn + cupcake + zombie! 

We're not exactly sure what happened to our pal Sparkles.  His last tweet indicated that he was out celebrating his graduation from BSU after earning his Doctorate in Awesomeness.  He was up past his bedtime partying at the late night cupcake joint, which happens to be right next to the cemetery.  Rumor has it, things turned fantastically gruesome on his trot home.  Some say it was like a scene straight out of Thriller, but  instead involved a lot of hooving, cupcakes and sprinkles of crimson.

While his taste for cupcakes quickly changed to something more sinister, the cupcake he was about to eat magically came to life and is now accompanying him along his terrifying adventure, possibly coming to a neighborhood near you.

Plush.  Measures approximately 10 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide.  100% awesome.