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Super Discrete "Pencil" Case

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Bloody 'ell!  It's about time someone came up with the perfect carrying case for that time of the month!

For when you have a heavy, heavy flow and need to grab and go, our Super Discrete "Pencil" Case will come to the rescue!  It features a zippered pouch in increasingly darker shades of pink like the natural progression of your (yeah, we went there) period.

It's the perfect size to hide your stash of necessities like tampons, Midol, a chocolate bar and even your quickly growing shit list.

Super cute and not fun, you may actually find yourself looking forward to your Aunt Ruby's monthly visit!**

Nothing to see here!  Just back off and keep a safe distance!

Zippered case measures approximately 8.75 inches long x 4 inches tall. (Big enough to carry a pad for those sketchy days.) Woven from 95% post-consumer materials.

**Not guaranteed, but good luck!


Gift Ideas

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