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Super-Size Ball Swirl Lollipop


You'd better ball-lieve it, sweetness!

Our bright and colorful Super-Size Ball Swirl Lollipops are only for the truly dedicated sweet tooth. At its size it's probably going to take you more than one sitting!

  • Impressive 2 inches in diameter = long lasting!
  • Swirl of 2 colors creates a vibrant eye candy
  • Classic wooden harvest stick
  • Hand poured using 75 year old family hard-candy recipe
  • Made in the USA

They come in a variety of fun color and flavor combinations for you to choose from:

  • Strawberry & Banana - Pink/Yellow
  • Raspberry & Cherry - Blue/Red
  • Watermelon - Green/Pink

A delicious gourmet pop for your sweetie who deserves only the best! A fun + unique candy gift for any occasion! 

Includes one 5 oz lollipop, individually wrapped, on a wooden harvest stick. Comes as a two-colored swirl in a variety of colors and flavors. Each lollipop is hand-poured; slight variations will occur. Our Super-Size Ball Swirl Lollipops are made fresh to order in the USA. 

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