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Tabby Cat Pillow

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With our adorbs Tabby Cat Pillow you can now be a cat owner while enjoying the small luxuries of life, that real cat owners cannot!

You know, things like leaving phone chargers in plain view, turning your back on your plate of food, not unexpectedly stepping on a wet furball in your bare feet, and not having your toes attacked in the middle of the night.

Another added bonus..  this realistic kitty printed on only one side of the pillow - so it is officially a cat butt free pillow!  Trust us, it is a major perk not to wake up at 3am with a petite kitty derri?re in your face.

It's wide innocent eyes, and static expression forever frozen in the - who me? you'll be smitten for this kitten.

Meow-sures approximately 19 inches tall x 12 inches wide x 3 inches deep.  And yes we know... nothing is as great a real cat to love and use as a pillow!