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Taco Pool Float

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Grande Señor Taco Pool Float, is that you? Sea, sea.

Let’s taco ’bout summer. Normally, bringing a huge taco into the pool would be a disaster for the pool filter (ok and the swimmers, too). Enter our que chido Grande Señor Taco Pool Float! Just inflate it, float across the pool, and take a siesta!

It’s over 5 feet long and made of comfy vinyl, not crumbly tortillas, like resting on a fluffy sopapilla. People will be jalapeno your business trying to get a ride on Señor Taco.

And like the most perfect food in the world, our beloved tacos, it's a great value, full of personality, and beloved all over the world—even better, the lettuce won't clog the pool filter!

It is nachos yet, but you can get Juan soon! He's a supremely fun gift for summer fiestas!

Measures approximately 61 inches long x 30 inches wide x 5 inches tall! Our Grande Señor Taco Pool Float is easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store.


Gift Ideas

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