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Taco Tuesday Floaty Pen



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Our Taco Tuesday Write Side Up Floaty Pen celebrates everyone’s favorite weekday that doesn’t precede a weekend!

It doesn’t get much better than tacos and if it’s socially acceptable… screw that, let’s have tacos everyday! Who cares what people think, let’s grasp this daily planner and have tacos all the time because they’re delicious!

It's the perfect gift for co-workers at the office. Not to mention a fun way to get your message apart without saying a word. Nobody needs to ask you what you want for lunch today.

One black ballpoint pen with classic floaty pen design featuring a clear window with a static image in the background and a floating design in the front. It provides the illusion of a taco sliding on a planner where everyday is Tuesday with "Weekly Planner" on the flip-side of the pen. Design by Fred Studio. Measures approximately 0.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long. Our fantastic Taco Tuesday Write Side Up Floaty Pen is perfect for everybody… seriously, anybody will love this!

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