Tea Infusers

Tea up for adventure with our crazy unique assortment of Tea Infusers!  You’ll find incredibly fun and unusual gift ideas for the tea lover in your life. Your hardest decision will be deciding which super adorable infuser to leave behind!  Let it seep in for a while... you'll be back for more.

Slow Brew Two For Tea Mug + Sloth Tea Infuser Gift Set


Sloths really know how to embrace life in the slow lane. Follow their lead, kick back, and take a long, slow sip of perfectly brewed tea. Our cozy Two For Tea Mug & Sloth Tea Infuser Gift Set is the perfect companion for when you're feeling...

Unicorn Pool Float-Tea Infuser

$14.99 $13.19

Do oolong for adventure? Our Unicorn Pool Float-Tea Infuser by Fred is just what you need! This fun-loving miniature unicorn float tea infuser is an instant vacation in a cup! To put it loose-tea, it may just be the most legendary way to unwind with a...

Cute-Tea The Charming Hedgehog Tea Infuser


Cruising for a brew'sing! Our Cute-Tea The Charming Hedgehog is looking sharp as always! Forget hogging the tea all to yourself, invite this delightfully pointy pal to tea time! Just fill Cute-Tea hedgehog with your favorite loose tea leaves, and hang...

Purr Tea Kitty Cat Infuser


Our Purr Tea Kitty Cat Infuser will help brew the purrrfect cup of tea! Just fill this adorable kitty shaped tea infuser with your favorite loose tea leaves, hang its little paws on the edge of your cup, and you’ll be curling up with the coziest...

Unicorn Tea Infuser

$16.99 $11.49

Infuse your day with positivi-tea with our Unicorn Tea Infuser! This majestic rainbow maned beauty will magically turn hot water into a cup of tea! Just add tea leaves to this Unicorn Tea Infuser, and let this mythical one-horned creature turn...

Como Tea Llama Tea Infuser


Hola! Meet our Como Tea Llama Tea Infuser! It's the groovy Peruvian infuser! Simply fill this Fred and Friends Andean-inspired infuser with your favorite blend of tea, stand it upright in your mug, and steep. You'll be rewarded with fresh...

Under The Tea Seahorse Infuser

$9.99 $8.79

Is this the real life?  Is this just fanta-sea? We are not squiding you right now!  It's o-fish-al!  Although totally silly and completely adorable our Under The Tea Seahorse Infuser is no joke and is ready to sink into a nice cup of tea...

Duck Duck Drink Tea Infuser


It’s tea time, so bottom’s up! Our Duck Duck Drink Tea Infuser is a charming tea infuser that floats in your cup — bobbing and brewing loose tea leaves to perfection. When you're stressed out and feel like telling the world to go...

Manatea Tea Infuser


Cute, Pudgy, and Environmentally Friendly Ahhh.  There's nothing like a sea cow to make tea time a little more comforting!  Everybody's favorite Floridian wants to brew you a nice cup of tea and share a slow, calm moment.  Our ManaTea Tea...

Spiked Tea Narwhal Tea Infuser


Narwhal, Narwhal, swimming in your tea cup!  Causing a commotion because he is so awesome!​ No matter what time of the day or night it is, it's the perfect time to brew some tea with the unicorn/Jedi of the sea!  Our Spiked Tea Narwhal Tea...

Hot Dog Tea Infuser


Hot diggity dog! Our Hot Dog Tea Infuser has turned out to be our mug’s best friend! Simply fill this adorable dachshund-shaped tea infuser with your favorite loose tea, perch him in your cup, then obediently wait for the tea to steep...

Kittea Kitten Tea Infuser


Time For A Kit-Tea Purr-ty! Our Kittea Kitten Tea Infuser looks just like the poster hanging on the wall of your elementary school said... Hang in there, baby!  .   Fight the urge to take a cat nap in a sunlit corner of the room and re-energize...

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