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Tea-Rex Tea Towel

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What if dinosaurs still ruled the world?  We think T-Rex would really enjoy a large mug of breakfast tea while gossiping with you about the new neighbors and their weird dog.  Maybe youd stroll down to her farm to overlook her thriving herd of aptly named Tricera-chops!

Show off your love of the modern prehistoric with our Tea Rex Tea Towel, we cant imagine a kitchen without this dainty beast!  The cream colored tea towel features Tyrannosaurus Rex in a hearty shade of pink!

Designed by British artist Jay Jay Burridge,  this item represents his new project When Superstars Ruled The World that explores an alternative modern day reality where dinosaurs still roam the earth and no one bats an eyelid.  So make sure you display our Tea Rex Tea Towel the next time your favorite dinosaur comes over for a cup!  Perfect to add the Prehistoric vibe to any kitchen.

100% Cotton.  19.5 inches wide x 27.5 inches long.  Machine washable, hang to dry.