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Teal & Pink Hair Chalk

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Tired of having the same hair color day after day?   Looking for a change, but don't want to commit to having fun colored hair for a long time? We totally understand!   Just use our Pink   & Teal Hair Chalk and go glam just for the weekend!   You'll be able to punkify your hair with no regrets!  

Try ombre, patterns and fades into your locks then curl them or braid them!   Start from the roots or do your ends, your hair will look bright and colorful!   When you're done expressing yourself, just wash the color out!

When you've had enough of your new fun color, simply wash the chalk out (may take 2-3 washes to remove all the color).

Set of 2 chalk sticks.   Measure 2.25 inches long x .5 inches wide.


Gift Ideas

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