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Teddy Bear Tighty Whitey Plush

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Animals in undies are hilarious! May we introduce you to our best pal Bear In Underwear!  He'll soon be yours too!  Why?  He's all about glorifying the life of wearing underwear! 
This answers the longstanding question... Does a bear s*t in the wood?... of course not!  He's much too distinguished for that -  just look he wears underwear!   He's also good at inspiring kids to ditch those diapers and poop in the big boy and big girl toilet!
Bears love underwear.  Tighty whitey's are their favorite pair. They wear their underwear everywhere!

They're soft and cuddly, and fit nice and snug, so pick one up and give them a hug!
Plush.  Measures approximately 12 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide x 3 inches deep.  Never trust a fart!  And don't forget to wash your underwear!