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Teeny-Tiny Retro Tinsel Christmas Tree



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Rockin' Around the Retro Tinsel Christmas Tree

Our Teeny-Tiny Retro Tinsel Tree is a mod lover's Christmas wish come true!

Popular in the 1960s, aluminum Christmas trees were the epitome of Christmas festivity and Mid-Century Modern style. The shiny, festive trees are gaining popularity once more, and this space-saving version of the aluminum masterpiece, complete with a color wheel spotlight!

It's the perfect dose of holiday cheer to display at home, in the office, in your dorm room, or anywhere in need of some kitschy flair. 

The box includes:

  • 4 inch tall aluminum tree 
  • A spinning color wheel spotlight to illuminate the tree
  • 25 inch strand of red bead garland to place on the tree
  • A 32-page mini Christmas countdown guide, a festive way to manage your holiday to-dos

Set includes a four inch tall tinsel tree. A wind-up rotating color wheel spotlight to illuminate the tree's metallic branches, and a strand of red bead garland to hang on the tree, along with a miniature Christmas countdown book by Mollie Thomas. Box measures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches. Our Teeny-Tiny Retro Tinsel Tree will guarantee you have a cool yule. 

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