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Kraken Tentacle Pen



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Release your inner kraken!

Whether you live in a pineapple under the sea, a hockey fan, or just really enjoy squid sushi, our Kraken Tentacle Pen is just what has been missing from your life.   Realistically modeled off of a certain Cephalopod's most recognizable appendage, this far-reaching pen is from the abysmal deep!

It could help you pen the next great epic seafaring novel, fill out your Cephalopod Awareness Days cards (October 8-12), or just jot down your takeaway order.   It's a fun spin on the dull looking and ho-hum pens (borrowed from the office, naturally) littering drawers around your house.

Sushi anyone?

Measures approximately 5.5 inches long 1.75 inches wide x .5 inch diameter.   Black ink.

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