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Tetris Micro Arcade


Clear those lines!!!

The iconic arcade and console game Tetris has shrunken down to the size of a credit card! Our Tetris Micro Arcade bring the classic, fast paced puzzle game back to life and keeps you on your toes. Just like the original, as you level up it just keeps getting faster!

Measuring 3.25 inches x 2 inches x .375 inch, it's the ultimate travel game because it fits so easily in your pocket. The Tetris Micro Arcade has full color and also plays just like the iconic full-size arcade versions with hundreds of levels.

  • Full color screen
  • Cool sound effects
  • Directional control buttons
  • Micro USB charger included

Game measures 3.25 inches x 2 inches x .375 inch and includes micro USB charger. Full color graphics and cool sound effects.

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