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Farts In A Jar
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The Finest Quality Farts In A Jar

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Our o(dor)-so-terrific Farts in a Jar is precisely for when a silent but deadly, just won't doo(doo).

Don't stink it up this Father's Day by offering Dad another tie or pack of golf balls as a gift. Release a scud missile or shoot an air biscuit straight to dad's heart with a one-man brass band in a can.

Trumps, toots, cheek squeeks, parps and whizzpoppers… flatulence amuses and delights us all. Long and loud or low and slow, we’ve canned six of the finest farts for your listening pleasure. Just lift the lid to activate the sensor and emit a hilarious bottom burp. 

Like Dad said... never trust a fart.  Edit: Unless it comes in a can

Measures approximately 2.8 inches wide x 3.81 inches tall. Our Finest Quality Farts In A Jar will encourage you to let one rip.