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The Middle Child Candle


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Demand the attention you so desperately seek (and sometimes deserve) with our impossible-to-be-overlooked The Middle Child Candle. 

Feel like the dog gets more attention than you? Ever consider the merits of getting trapped in a well just for the attention? This candle is just what the therapist ordered!

  • Largely invisible scent #relatable
  • Relieves symptoms of Middle Child Syndrome
  • Hilarious gift to let them know they have not been forgotten 
  • Amazingly funny belated Birthday gift for the middle sibling

Still suffering from middle child syndrome? Who can blame you?  The only thing worse than being unnoticed is still being unnoticed when your hair is neon pink and you dress like you're in the Matrix. Um, hello?

Handmade (so no two are identical) Purple Haze (Grape) Scented. (Like it matters, they wouldn't notice anyway!)  Burn time is approximately 60 hours. Our The Middle Child Candle is approximately 17 oz.

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