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The More You Nope Floaty Pen


Nope, don't tell me!

Our rainbow shooting star The More You Nope Floaty Pen allows you to relive the after-school specials of your childhood with the well-timed drop of a nugget of wisdom.

Some things never change, like the thrill and amazement of being mesmerized by the hypnotic motion of a floaty pen. Like your favorite gif, it just gets better every time!

This particular retro masterpiece features the iconic shooting star that followed every life lesson taught to you by your TV - The more you know. However, this pen takes a playful take on that phrase and translates it accurately to your adult life situation.

An instant classic, it's the perfect stocking stuffer and gift for co-workers at the office. Particularly if they were alive during the 80's, so they can fully appreciate this wink at pop culture. But hey, even if they weren't fortunate to live through the totally awesome 80's, anyone can clearly relate to the life advice given on the side of this pen.

One black ink ballpoint pen with classic floaty pen design featuring a clear window with a static image in the background and a floating design in the front. This particular action scene is that of a shooting star a top of a midnight blue star-filled sky, with the words "The more you nope" on the backside of the pen. Design by Fred Studio. Measures approximately 0.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long. Giving zero f*cks if you like it or not, our The More You Nope Write Side Up Floaty Pen is simply everything.

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