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Neat Gifts and The Original Super Balloon at Perpetual Kid. What kid doesn't like balloons? Heck, what adult!? Come on now...

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What kid doesn't like balloons? Heck, what adult!? Come on now... we all saw Bill's meme-worthy face when the balloons dropped at the DNC!

So next time you're trying to find the perfect gift, you can blow them all of away with our blast from the past.. The Original Super Balloon!

Super Balloons were originally offered by Wham-O in the early ‘80’s, so now they're back offering a bit of nostalgia for mom and dad, a lot of new fun for a new generation of kids. This giant, 10 foot (3 meter) inflatable tubes. Made of super thin plastic (not latex). They soar through the air when inflated!

Toss it! Bounce it! Spin it! Kick It! Catch it! Stuff it! (in any good boy or girl's stocking)! Simple, no-tech fun for everyone!

One balloon. Colors vary.  Easy to inflate and reusable.

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Fun and inexpensive gift idea! for Kids

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