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The Silence of the Cicadas Halloween Necklace
The Silence of the Cicadas  Necklace
The Silence of the Cicadas Halloween Necklace

The Silence of the Cicadas Necklace Shop more by Perpetual Kid Exclusives


If you're brooding over Halloween gift ideas, make a move on our spooky The Silence of the Cicadas Necklace quick. It won't be around for another 17 years!

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Creepy Bug Jewelry Is Freaking Us Out

If you're brooding over whether to get our The Silence of the Cicadas Necklace we wouldn't recommend waiting another 17 years. If you don't get that reference we'll let it incubate in your brain for a bit.

If you're hip to cicadas and their specifically timed appearances, then chances are you're familiar with the deafening sound that surfaces from the ground, quite literally, every 13 to 17 years. You may actually have a soft spot in your heart for these interesting creatures. You may even miss their incessant buzzing once they're gone. 

You may get locusts and cicadas confused, or even think they're one in the same! Locusts are a type of grasshopper that are more hive-like in behavior and are known for their swarms and signaling the end of times, while cicadas are actually cousins of crickets and have strange reproduction cycles and only emerge from the ground to make some sweet cicada love every decade or so.

Now that we've softened their image up a bit for you, you should know that while they do not bite or sting, they do stab and suck! They're basically not-so-mini vampires! But, really if they did pierce and suck you, they'd be quite disappointed to find out that you were not a sap-filled tree. All the more reason to love cicadas. Remember to never judge a book by its cover! However, we'll give you permission to judge a book by its taste in music.

It's a fun little punk rock gift for your favorite pal with a penchant for the dark side of fashion.

Includes one cicada shaped pendant necklace. Made of bronze colored zinc alloy. Link chain measures approximately 27.5 inches long. Pendant size measures approximately 2.3 inches long x 1.4 inches wide. Our spooky The Silence of the Cicadas Necklace is a trick and treat!

The Silence of the Cicadas  Necklace
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Wear this all the time and make everyday Halloween

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