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Thirst Aid Kit

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Problem?  No.  We don't have a problem.  We have a solution!  We're always on a mission to find clever ways to hide and disguise our booze.  That keeps it safe from potential intruders... duh!

In this case our Thirst Aid Kit can be a real life saver!  Imagine all of the potential emergency situations this kit will rescue you from, like coming home from a long day at work to find out that your roommate finished off the last beer, or worse yet, finding your mother-in-law's car in the driveway.  

Maybe you've totally aced your final or landed that big contract at work, to find out you are fresh out of celebratory juice!  Now you can just open your trusty Thirst Aid Kit and voila! You've now got 7 ounces of booze, two shot glasses and instant celebration.  It even includes a funnel for easy filling of your flask.

Dreadfully boring get together?  Imagine the hero you'll be when you go on an emergency rescue mission to recover your Thirst Aid Kit!  You'll be forever known as bringing a little life back to the party.

Set of 5.  Kit includes: One Stainless Steel 7 oz Hip Flask, 2 shot glasses, 1 funnel, and one travel case.  Tin Travel Case Dimensions: 8.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall x 2.5 deep.