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Time for a Cat Nap Wristwatch



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Beclaws naps should always be on the agenda, our Time for a Cat Nap Wristwatch is a simply purrfect gift for cat lovers of every purrsuasion!

Pro-cat-stination is a way of life with this feline loving watch. No kitten. It represents hour by hour how you and your cat would pawfur to spend your days. As everyone knows, there's a time for catching mice, and a time for catching zzz's. This watch displays the delicate balance between exerting all of your effort trying to catch the red dot, fleeing from the scene of a litterbox disaster, and tormenting the dog to just needing to sleep it off. So find your furry friend, and the best sun spot in the house (or the dog's bed) and snuggle up for some much needed rest.

Why wait for the purrfect mewment to give this to your favorite cat lover? The time is meow! Declare everyday a Caturday when you wear this frisky watch!

One Analog Alloy Quartz Wrist Watch. Charcoal grey faux leather strap .74 inch wide, with buckle closure. Case measures .25 inch deep. Face measures 1.4 inches in diameter. Our Time for a Cat Nap Wristwatch is a fun gift for cat lovers!

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