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Toaster Sponge Holder

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Where did that darn sponge go? can be heard emanating from kitchens coast to coast.  If only there were some cute, clever, and funny way to always have a sponge handy when you needed one... Well, today is your lucky day!  Our Toaster Sponge Holder is a self-draining holder that contains a toast-shaped sponge!

It's so adorable that you'll want to keep it on display.  Just park it adjacent to your kitchen sink and it will feel right at home next to its new neighbors, the Cuisinarts and Kitchenaids.

Whether it be maple syrup from breakfast, chicken soup from lunch, or marinara sauce from dinner...  There is always a mess requiring immediate attention and those counters have to remain clean!  I mean.. what would Martha think if she dropped by for coffee?

Dishwasher Safe.  Set contains 2 pieces, sponge and holder.  Holder measures approximately 4.5 inches long x 3 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.  Any standard sponge will fit in sponge holder.


Gift Ideas

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