Top 20 Stocking Stuffers

Guaranteed to fit into a Christmas stocking and be a favorite Christmas morning! 

The Perpetual Kid elves have been busy crunching numbers, product testing and reading reviews - here are our TOP 20 so far this year!  Check back often as our trending stocking gifts are updated daily!  See ALL Stocking Stuffers

Top 20 Stocking Stuffers

Teeny-Tiny Retro Tinsel Christmas Tree


Rockin' Around the Retro Tinsel Christmas Tree Our Teeny-Tiny Retro Tinsel Tree is a mod lover's Christmas wish come true! Popular in the 1960s, aluminum Christmas trees were the epitome of Christmas festivity and Mid-Century Modern style. The shiny,...

A Christmas Story Mini Leg Lamp Kit


It's a major award! Our festive Christmas Story Leg Lamp Kit is a miniature light-up prop from the iconic Christmas Story movie. Everyone knows what it is as soon as they see it and it's usually followed by great quotes like "It's a major award" or...

Deluxe Finger Monster Set


Boxed Set of Scary Do you know the secret of shopping at Perpetual Kid?  One of these super silly sneaky monsters ships out with each order of $10+!  That way they can keep an eye (or four) on your goodies during their trip!  Don't worry,...

Happy Festivus Pole Seinfeld Holiday Kit


A Festivus for the rest of us! Celebrate your love of Seinfeld and the yearly “Airing of Grievances” and “Feats of Strength” with our Happy Festivus Seinfeld Celebration Kit! What better way to show you care than to...

Magic Growing Unicorn


More exciting than a Hatchimal! Our Magic Growing Unicorn allows you to hatch your very own unicorn and watch it grow! Stumped on what to get your favorite unicorn lover? This legendary gift is where it's at. Simply: Put the tree stump in a...

World's Smallest Elf On The Shelf


Honey, we shrunk the elf! The World's Smallest the Elf on the shelf is a timeless Christmas classic... and then we shrunk him!  Move him around the house every night, so he can report to Santa who is naughty and who is nice! We already know... A...

Instant Winter Snow


Make your own Yeti habitat! Our Instant Winter Snow is here to save the day! It's quite possible that snowbody loves snow days more than we do!  However, if you're a like-minded creature who loves the white fluffy stuff too and are possibly...

iPlunge Phone Stand


As seen in Wired Magazine! High-tech meets low tech and the coolest accessory for your phone was born.   iPlunge is the perfect solution for your video emergencies just squish it against the back of your iPod, iPhone, or any device with a smooth...

Nose Aerobics Basketball


Anyone up for a game of faceball? The nose is the most neglected muscle in your body.   That's why our Nose Aerobics Basketball is the next big thing.   It's exercise for your nose!   Dramatically increase your sense of smell* while...

UFO Cow Abduction


Beam Up Your Bovine - With Light and Sound! Our udderly fantastic UFO Cow Abduction Kit is an out-of-this-world gift for sci-fi lovers! Loaded with lights and special effects Steven Spielberg would be proud of! It features:  A mini spaceship,...

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