Top 20 Stocking Stuffers

Guaranteed to fit into a Christmas stocking and be a favorite Christmas morning! 

The Perpetual Kid elves have been busy crunching numbers, product testing and reading reviews - here are our TOP 20 so far this year!  Check back often as our trending stocking gifts are updated daily!  See ALL Stocking Stuffers

Top 20 Stocking Stuffers

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Shaped LED Earrings


You're a shining star! When you're rocking our Shine On You Crazy Diamond Shaped LED Earrings, you're guaranteed to steal the show! The spotlight will always be on you(r ears!) While testing these products out we were totally impressed by how...

Dancing with Jesus Mini Bobbling Figurine + Book


Lord Almighty! Jesus sure has some righteous moves! Our Dancing with Jesus: Mini Bobbling Figurine + Book is truly a God send! Are your dance moves unrighteous?  Do you refrain from getting down, lest others judge you cruelly?  Fear not...

Iridescent Glux


Prismatic Super Putty Think liquid metal or a blue morpho butterfly's wings.  The mesmerizing Iridescent Glux is full of intelligent blues as well as a spectrum of other rainbow colors.  It's awesome look at & oddly satisfying to...

Deluxe Finger Monster Set


Boxed Set of Scary Do you know the secret of shopping at Perpetual Kid?  One of these super silly sneaky monsters ships out with each order of $10+!  That way they can keep an eye (or four) on your goodies during their trip!  Don't worry,...

Mini Bob Ross By The Numbers Painting Kit


There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend. Our teeny tiny Mini Bob Ross by the Numbers Painting Kit will encourage you to discover the joy of painting, just like Bob Ross himself! Happy little trees and cloulds, here we come! Spoiler Alert!...

The Screaming Goat Mini Book + Figure


Office mascot and spirit animal. For when there are no words, The Screaming Goat Mini Book + Figure speaks your language. The ultimate stress reliever, you can no become the owner of your very own screaming goat! Sh*t just goat serious. Let it goat...

Cat Butt Coin Purse


Our high quality Cat Butt Coin Purse is the kitty for your cash!   This adorable zippered coin purse features a silly snickering kitty on the front and a useful field guide on the backside!   Just in case you have a chance meeting with a feline...

Desktop Skee-Ball Game


Let the good times roll! Our officially-licensed Desktop Skee-Ball Game kit includes everything you need to play your own version of desktop Skee-Ball! A beacon of childhood memories and general nostalgia Skee-Ball is one of the most recognized and...

President Donald Trump Toy Doll


The greatest collectible toy for both FANS and foes. Because being President of the United States takes character and there's never been a character like this before. He's always got something to say.  Maybe send one of these to Pelosi or Schiff.....

The Original Wiz-z-zer


Go on, take it for a spin The Original Wiz-z-zer is back and it's ready to shred the competition! Step aside Beyblades there's a new sheriff in town!  You can't expect your mom to hold on to you all of your old toys! So, if you've been looking...

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