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The Tornado Ball will rip through your house like a cyclone (or a child with a sugar high) Just press the on button and brace yourself for a wild, frenzied ride.

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A fun gift for kids and adults!

WARNING: Our light-up Tornado Ball is known to go berserk! And my berserk, we mean it is almost as out of control and unpredictable as a kid after they've poured several Pixie sticks down their throat. But the name wasn't as catchy, so tornado it is. Whatever you call it, it will glow you away!

The Tornado Ball will rip through your house like a cyclone (or a child with a sugar high) Just press the on button and brace yourself for a wild, frenzied ride. Watch in fascinations as this light-up spinning orb takes a totally unpredictable course. For an added effect, turn off your lights and enjoy the sporadic, dazzling light show.

This stunning light up ball has an off weighted mechanism inside that makes it jump and turn and literally go crazy all over the floor! Hold it in your hands and watch it spin wildly. The light up function is spectacular in lighted areas and beyond spectacular in the dark!

A fun gift for kids and adults who still love to play with light up stuff (do people actually grow out of that? not here!)

Includes one wiggly, giggly, light-up spinning orb. Recommended for humans 5 years of age and up. Created by Play Visions, the only thing predictable about our illuminating Tornado Ball is that we know you'll have fun.

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Tornado Ball
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Twister has got nothing on this gift!

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