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Tortilla Coasters



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Break open in queso emergency

Amigos pop-over for an impromptu fiesta? Protect your valuable IKEA furniture from sweating cerveza bottles with our fantistco Tortilla Coasters!

Mexican food lovers, your eyes are in for a treat! Everyone's favorite flatbread has now been immortalized in the form of absorbent and durable paper coasters! You can re-use them over and over, then recycle them when you’re done. 

A fun gift for lovers of Mexican fare, and those proficient in the fine art of turning everything into a taco, burrito or quesadilla!

  • Made in the USA! Assembled in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Set of four, 4-inch diameter durable coasters in one bag.
  • Designed to look like flour tortillas
  • Authentically packaged in cellophane with twist-tie, complete with nutritional information look*
  • Totally cheesy fun!

They're a functional and hilarious stocking stuff for anyone with good taste. After all, what kind of monster doesn't love a fresh tortilla? 

*They may look good enough to eat, but don’t. They’re not edible and not flame retardant -so don’t be an idiota and refrain from tossing them them over an open flame.

Set of 4 coasters. Cleverly packaged to look like an actual 4 pack of fresh tortillas! Our Tortilla Coasters! are faux real!

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