• Totally Camp'y Infant Bodysuit
  • Totally Camp'y Infant Bodysuit

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Totally Camp'y Infant Bodysuit

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When nature calls our Totally Camp'y Infant Bodysuit will come off in a snap! (or maybe it's 7 to be exact)

Got a happy camper on your hands? Or perhaps it's more likely that your little wild child is pitching a fit? Let's get real folks. The stress that comes from being a parent can be really in tents! Sometimes it feels like you're up Shit's Creek without a paddle. Just remember, it's all part of the journey. Seeing your little ones infectiously gleeful smile is a reward liken to that of a spectacular view after a rigorous hike (minus loads of dirty diapers part)

Now if only babies came with simple instructions and warnings like these!

  • Extinguish Your Fire
  • Grab A Paddle
  • Moose Crossing
  • Go Swim
  • Please Don't Litter
  • Pitch A Tent
  • Make More S'Mores
  • Drive Carefully
  • Please Don't Feed The Bears

Go outside! Get back into nature, and and give yourself s'more time to adjust to this whole parenthood thing.

One red snapsuit featuring a plethora of camping signs. Cotton/Poly blend. Fits babies 6-12 months old. If you're looking for a fun + unique baby shower gift for the outdoorsy parents to be, naturally, our Totally Camp'y Infant Bodysuit is un-bee-leaf-ably perfect.


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