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Gotta wild child on your hands?  Find a one of a kind gift for the chip off the ole block with our offbeat collection of hilarious accouterments for your baby or toddler!  With silly pacifiers, unique bibs, witty sippy cups and more to choose from, you're sure be the hit of the next baby shower or birthday party!

Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich


Out Of This World! Our Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich takes the ice cream you know and love, and with the power of freeze-drying to create a yummy retro treat! Since the early NASA Mercury Missions, space food has gone global! Today, Astronaut...

Lil' Donut Kiddie Pool Float With Shark Bite

$14.99 $9.75

Our Sprinkles of Fun Big Mouth Lil' Donut Kiddie Pool Float is an awesome pool accessory for an unforgettable childhood summer! We assume your little one follows in your footsteps... big personality with an appetite for laughs. So this adorable pool...

Children's Reading Timer


Awww, man! Just one more book, please, pleeeeaaaasssseeeee. Featuring a superhero duality of character our Children's Book Shaped Reading Timer is equally suitable for the combative ‘UGH. Do I HAVE to read tonight?’ gang AND the book...


$6.99 $6.15

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hand? Gotta hand it to the HandiMonster. One second it's just your plain old hand, the next second it's a dang monster (with an adorable underbite)! What are you exactly ... Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hand?  This monstrously fun mythical...

John Lennon's Imagine Crank Music Box


Crank up that song! You may say I'm a dreamer, but we know that our delightfully peaceful Imagine Crank Music Box is a gift that will truly resonate with the receiver... and the surface that it's placed on! This music box is tiny in size, but the sound...

Here Comes The Sun Crank Music Box


Where's that sun? Here comes the sun and the feels with our Here Comes the Sun Crank Music Box! It is a gift that will truly resonate with the receiver... and the surface that it's placed on! This music box is tiny in size, but the sound it gives off is...

Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Glux Putty

$6.99 $6.15

You'll enjoy watching our temperamental Thermochromic Glux Putty morph between a spectrum of warm orange to bright yellow depending on it's fluctuating temperature! That's right! This moody putty deceptively appears to consist entirely of a solid orange...

Instant Winter Snow


Make your own Yeti habitat! Our Instant Winter Snow is here to save the day! It's quite possible that snowbody loves snow days more than we do!  However, if you're a like-minded creature who loves the white fluffy stuff too and are possibly...

Flash Rocks


What would Flash Gordon think? Is that triboluminescence in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Forseriously though...  Just rub our Flash Rocks together to see a totally natural piezoelectric rock show!  They'll glow internally and...

Baby Face

$6.99 $6.15

Aww.... look at the baby's beard!  Some babies are born bald just like out Baby Face. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could give them hair? Just move the metal shavings with the magnetic plastic wand and create baby hairscapes that boggle the...

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