Gotta wild child on your hands?  Find a one of a kind gift for the chip off the ole block with our offbeat collection of hilarious accouterments for your baby or toddler!  With silly pacifiers, unique bibs, witty sippy cups and more to choose from, you're sure be the hit of the next baby shower or birthday party!


The Finest Quality Farts In A Jar

$9.99 $9.09

Our o(dor)-so-terrific Farts in a Jar is precisely for when a silent but deadly, just won't doo(doo). Don't stink it up this Father's Day by offering Dad another tie or pack of golf balls as a gift. Release a scud missile or shoot an air biscuit straight...

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Awkward Silence Game


Our hilarious Awkward Silence Game clearly points out, that some things are better left unsaid. This hilariously uncomfortable game lets you share how you really feel, potentially destroying age-old relationships in the process. Your friends will...

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Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Floats

$9.99 $9.09

​Add some sweetness to your next pool party with our Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Floats. Meant for dips in the pool, not your morning cup o' joe, these nom-worthy beverage boats keep your standard size drink afloat with unbeatable flair! Sold...

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Finger Weightlifting Set


Is your middle finger the only one receiving a regular workout? It's time to beef up your knuckle sandwich with our Finger Weightlifting Set! They won't know what hit them!  This one-of-a-kind miniature weightlifting set lets you pump some...

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Taco Pool Float


Grande Señor Taco Pool Float, is that you? Sea, sea. Let’s taco ’bout summer. Normally, bringing a huge taco into the pool would be a disaster for the pool filter (ok and the swimmers, too). Enter our que chido Grande Señor Taco...