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Tree-Rific Light Cover

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Somewhere, out of your cubicle and away from your slow computer is a rainbow around a tree on a blue, sunny day!  Don't you wish you could leave work to go and find it?  You'll always be stuck in your dreary office trying to finish your work so make yourself a nice little escape with our Tree-rific Light Cover!  Every time you look up, you can relax your mind and spirit and forget about your reports for just a moment!

Conquer your colorless corporate setting, increase the creativity in your classroom, add some color to make your doctors office seem more friendly and make any room in your home more soothing and welcoming just by adding a Light Cover!

Installation is super easy!  Simply open up your standard office fluorescent light, place your new 8 mil. back-lit film on top of the hard cover diffuser, lock the frame back up and your environment will be 300% more amazing!

Great for day dreamers and any who loves to lounge outside!

Measure 4 feet long x 2 feet wide. (actual size 46.5 x 22.374) 
Can be cut to fit other sized lights.  8 mil. back-lit film.