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Tropic Tea Flamingo Infuser



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We know you'll just be tickled pink with our Tropic Tea Flamingo Infuser! 

Need a mental vacation? It's time you put your foot down, and find some time to relax. Spend some well-deserved down time with your new feathered friend, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea with a splash tropic flair. 

We all have (or are that) friend who is obsessed with pink flamingos - and who can blame them! They're pink and fabulous! With their bright feathers, stilt-like legs, and S-shaped necks, they're also masters at the delicate balancing act of life. Not to mention the lovely pink flamingo is the world's favorite lawn ornament, right up there with gnomes of course! And why not? They're always looking single and ready to flamingle - ready for a flocking good time!

A warm reminder of vacations gone by, and those yet to come! It's a flocking fabulous gift for the flamingo lover in your life! And a fun item for loose tea lovers. With its two-part construction, it makes it easy to use and clean. 

Made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone, and packed in a colorful gift box. Design by Jennifer Ko, Gift Concept. Our Tropic Tea Flamingo Infuser is a perky pick me up!

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