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Trump Impeachmints


Without any evidence, this is the best the left can do!

Our totally offensive Trump Impeachmints are for bad hombres with bad breath, and worse vocabulary.

Do you bad-mouth people? Drop one of these peach flavored mints on your tongue and you'll make friends. Create a better environment! Trust us. It’s time to get rid of that offensive mouth. It's practically criminal. Really. It’s got to go.

A fun gag gift! Like, literally. How good could a peach flavored mint be? At least it's not Cheeto Flavored! It's a tiny tin, perfect for tiny hands.

Peach flavored mints. Tin measures approximately 1.75 inches long x 1.75 inches wide x 0.5 inch tall. Contains approximately 75 mints. Trump Impeachmints? Sad!

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You too can have an impeachment without any evidence!