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Trump Impeachmints

$3.49 $1.89

Without any evidence, this is the best the left can do!

Our totally offensive Trump Impeachmints are for bad hombres with bad breath, and worse vocabulary.

Do you bad-mouth people? Drop one of these peach flavored mints on your tongue and you'll make friends. Create a better environment! Trust us. It’s time to get rid of that offensive mouth. It's practically criminal. Really. It’s got to go.

A fun gag gift! Like, literally. How good could a peach flavored mint be? At least it's not Cheeto Flavored! It's a tiny tin, perfect for tiny hands.

Peach flavored mints. Tin measures approximately 1.75 inches long x 1.75 inches wide x 0.5 inch tall. Contains approximately 75 mints. Trump Impeachmints? Sad!

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