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Fake News Stamper
President Donald Trump Fake News Stamper
ABC is Fake News
President Donald Trump Fake News Stamper
Fake News Stamper
President Donald Trump Fake News Stamper

Trump's Fake News Stamper Shop more by Bubblegum Stuff


Our Fake News Stamper is the greatest stamper. A tremendous gift. It will go over bigly with Conservatives and Liberals!

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Red stamp of disapproval

We may be a bit media bias here, but we think our Fake News Stamper is the best stamper of all time.  A tremendous gift.  It will go over bigly with Conservatives and Liberals!

It's not weak like other stampers, or those sheeple that fall for blatant propaganda. It's time to clamp down on #FakeNews with your very own red stamp. 

  • High Energy Red Ink
  • Self Employed Self-Inking
  • Stamp size measures approximately 2 x 1/2 inch

No need to fact check these stats, however, feel free to knock yourself out! We wouldn't want to manipulate or mislead your perception of this stamper!  That will just cause you to flock your closest social media outlet to give us negative press!

May we suggest that you investigate independently and steer clear of Snopes.  After all... Who's fact checking the fact checker?  As Mulder would say... The truth is out there.

Works unbelievably great on a plethora of Fake News worthy documents! (Although, do so at your own risk!)

  • Bills
  • Newspapers
  • Report Cards
  • Court Summons
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Paternity Test Results

The impossibilities are endless! A fun and light-hearted political gift to have fun with at your discretion. We support freedom of speech and stamps.

Red State Red Ink. Stamper measures approximately 6.1 inches tall x 4.3 inches wide x 1.4 inches deep. Even Donald Trump has one! #FakeNews Our Fake News Stamper is going strong!

Item Number:
President Donald Trump Fake News Stamper
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Legitimately a terrific gift. We have the greatest gifts, don't we folks?

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