Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop
Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop
Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop

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Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop and more Good Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. What the shell! We've gone and dung it again!

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What the shell! We've gone and dung it again! You can now buy the unthinkable, the fossilized feces of your dreams... our Turtley Awesome Turtle Poop!

Formally know as Coprolite, this prehistoric poop made it out of the turtling poop stage millions of years ago, and is now available for you to weirdly investigate and admire.

Although examining fresh turtle poop may seem a little weird, but since this is ancient, it's cool.  A great gift for your favorite tortoise loving dino fanatic.

Yep this is fossilized poop!  Made by turtles millions of years ago. 

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Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop
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Fun and inexpensive gift idea! for Kids

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