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Twisted Word Search


Twisted is the new normal

Our Twisted Word Search has over 100 word search puzzles, each with a mind-bending twist or theme. Breaking the rules, defying conventions and shaking up the world of puzzling, this is a fresh and funky new take on the traditional word search book. Do you dare to become a twisted puzzler?

If you, or a friend, love word searches then this is the book to get. Whether it's finding secret words within words or filling out the missing word, this book is guaranteed to give everyone a good challenge

  • Over 100 puzzles
  • Shakes up word searches
  • Lay-flat paperback
  • Fresh new take on puzzles

Our Twisted Word Search lay-flat 128 page paperback measures approx. .5 inches x 5 inches x 7.75 inches.

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