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Two For Tea Narwhal Tea Infuser + Mug Gift Set


Having trouble telling the world how you feel? Cut the blubber and get straight to the point with Our Two For Narwhal Tea Infuser and Mug set!

It's the classic love story... mug meets infuser and happiness brews. This dynamic duo consists of our Spiked Tea Narwhal Infuser paired with a splashy coordinating mug adorned with porpoise'ful message "Get to the Point"

This friendly fella just wants to hang out on the side of your cup to add a splash of awesome to your day. To top it off, his kick ass facial horn is terrific for dunking and stirring!

It’'s a totally nar'ly gift set to both give and receive. Packed in colorful, giftable box. Design by Fred Studio.

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