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Unicorn Poop Rocks! Sparkly + Scented Geodes

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As far as awesome gifts go... our legendary Unicorn Poop Rocks! are all that they're cracked up to be and more!  We schist you not! They'll crack open the stoniest of hearts!

Now you can physically and literally tap into wisdom and magic of unicorn poo!  The sparkling exterior and alluring aroma of these nuggets only begin to hint at the magic hidden inside.  What wonders await?  You will uncover a mythical crystal kingdom... a mini-galaxy of surprises that hold the energy of sunshine wishes, love, dreams and more!

Ready to reveal the inner-beauty of your Legendary Unicorn Poo Rocks?  Let's break this magical feces in pieces!

Directions: Place each glittery rock solid unicorn poop in a sock and hit it very lightly with a hammer.  Will result in multiple pieces of smaller pieces of crystallized unicorn poo.

Warning: The sh*t may hit the fan, so make sure to protect your eyes from flying unicorn turds.

Of quartz this is an amazing gift for unicorn lovers and purveyors of awesome everywhere!

Made exclusively with love by Perpetual Kid's unicorn personnel.  Includes 2 candy scented magical crystal geodes in a clear plastic jar that measures approximately 4 inches tall x 4 inches in diameter.  Rock on with your Unicorn Poop Rocks!