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Unicorn Rescue + Adoption Kit



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D'awww!  You know you don't have a frolicking-in-a-field-of-chocolate's chance of resisting the unbridled cuteness possessed by a baby unicorn!  Move over Cabbage Patchers, our Unicorn Rescue Kit is about to come to your rescue!  She needs a human companion to make sure she gets plenty of cupcakes, kindness and rainbows.  Won't you take her home?

The Unicorn Companion's Guide within contains an adoption certificate and covers everything you need to know about raising unicorns, from the history of and legends about these magical creatures, to signs that your young charge is learning to use her powers.

Everything's better with an enchanted friend!  With such magical powers as healing paper cuts and dispelling the odor of dog farts, your life is about to become unimaginably fantastic!

Includes one plush unicorn and the top secret Unicorn Companion's Guide.  Box measures approximately 3.5 inches square x 1.625 inches deep.

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