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Unicorn Sparkle Poop Lollipop



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Unicorns - their poop don't stink

Don't go poo poo-ing the idea of our gifting our Unicorn Sparkle Poop Lollipop! Unicorn poop lovers will enjoy eating this poo emoji shaped gourmet candy!

  • Pink & blue swirl
  • Fruit punch flavored hard candy
  • Dusted with sparkly sanding sugar
  • Candy confetti adds extra flare
  • Handmade fresh to order in the USA

This old adage is true... you attract more flies with honey. But if your sh*t don't stink, chances are you're a legend in your own right, or better yet, a unicorn. Kids will love the delicious flavor of this eye candy, almost as much as they'll enjoy the thrill of trying to gross you out with it!

Whatever the occasion, you'll find your gift recipient is happy as can be with a sh*t eating grin on their face.

Une. Lollipop is hand-poured; slight variations will occur. Allergens: Soy & Egg. Each lollipop weighs 2oz.

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