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Unicorn Stash Buddy Plush

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Similar to that of the Trojan Horse, our Unicorn Stash Buddy Plush is legend... wait for it ...dary!
Your new pal, quite frankly, is a bad ass.   Fully tattooed with his motto "Bring it On!" and a happy rainbow on his side -   he's ready to protect and serve, and happy to kick some butt while doing so!
Disguised as the most fierce and determined unicorn we've even seen, your new bestie also serves a higher purpose!   You can stash your retirement money, bag of magic beans, or unsent love letters to Taylor Swift in the hidden zippered compartment located on the under belly of this fantastic beast.
Would be snoopers will be so in awe by his majestic appearance they'd never suspect that he's keeping your deepest secrets, and valued possessions just out of plain view.
Winsome White with spiraling iridescent horn.   100% Polyester.   Measures approximately 10.5 inches tall x 4.5 inches deep x 8 inches wide. Secret hidden zippered compartment.