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Unicorn Tea Infuser

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Infuse your day with positivi-tea with our Unicorn Tea Infuser!

This majestic rainbow maned beauty will magically turn hot water into a cup of tea! Just add tea leaves to this Unicorn Tea Infuser, and let this mythical one-horned creature turn dreams into reali-tea!

Legend has it, that unicorns do not bathe in water but in milk, honey, or tea.  Which makes them into real tea experts!  Just fill some tea into the removable lower party of the unicorn and give it a hot bath. While it does make it tastes of cupcake farts and rainbows but that said you could try adding skittles!

A fun + unique gift for unicorn lovers and your favorite unicorn lady! This majestic product will infuse your water with tea as if the unicorn were attempting to share it's life force with you.

  • Makes every morning brew legendary
  • Hangs enthusiastically over the rim of your cup
  • Made of stain proof, BPA free silicone
  • "Put the tea in my belleh!"
  • Tea disperses from its middle
  • Mane and tail is rainbow colored to brighten your day

Made of 100% silicone. This unicorn shaped tea infuser is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and BPA free. White with gold horn and rainbow colored mane and tail. Clean thoroughly before and after use. Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave. The unforgettable Einhorn Tee-Ei was designed by Winkee for Bubblegum Stuff. Our Unicorn Tea Infuser will leave you warm and fuzzy inside!

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