Unicorns + Rainbows

Somewhere over the rainbow... unicorns and pegasi fly!  Lucky you, you've found the end of the rainbow! Enjoy a jackpot of unusually awesome unicorns + rainbows themed gifts shimmering with magical goodness!

Unicorn Toothbrush Holder

$6.49 $3.00

Sparkly Unicorn White Teeth Our super cute Elodie Unicorn Toothbrush Holder will help your toothbrush against yucky germs! It will also encourage you to reach for your brush more often, resulting in a more brilliant smile! Elodie closes right over...

Inflatable Unicorn Horn

$7.99 $3.00

Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn Someone asks you a question but you cant say anything your inner-unicorn is screaming to come out at the most inopportune times.   What are you supposed to do?   The next time you hear that mystical...

Enchanted Unicorn Bandages


With the magical healing power of these Enchanted Unicorn Bandages, even your ouchiest owies will heal up in no time! Each 3.75" tall metal tin contains fifteen 3" x 1" adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE TOY to take your mind off of the...

Barf Lollipop


Like, Gag Me With A Lollipop The ultimate gag gift... our Barf Lollipop is a deliciously fun way to share your utter disgust at a situation or person, or to just gross out the person you're closest with... just because you can. To up the puke factor this...

Rainbow Neck Warmer


Somewhere over our Rainbow Neck Warmer, bluebirds fly... Feeling the winter chill in your neck? This Rainbow Neck Warmer not only is practical as a neck warmer; it also brings a happy rainbow to your day. Made to warm in the microwave, this neck warmer...