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Uranium Glow In The Dark Soap

$7.99 $5.25

Get your glow back!

Has your morning glow been missing lately? Radioactivate your day in the most environmentally friendly, organic way! When you use our Uranium Bar of Glow In The Dark Soap, you will be in your element every day. Be careful not to create a nuclear reaction in the shower! 

  • Just charge it up under a light and let it glow green in the dark!
  • Hand-poured natural vegetable glycerin soap, vegan friendly.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, Soy Bean Protein, Zinc Sulfide, Copper Cloride, Water Soluble Paper, Fragrance. 

Hand-poured natural vegetable glycerin soap, vegan friendly. Measures 2.25 inches wide x 3 inches tall x 1 inch deep. 

Human tested and vegan friendly. Rainwater scented. Made by our geeky and talented friends at Bubble Genius! 

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