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Vader'S Little Princess

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Raising a little girl is just as demanding to a Sith Lord as it is to everyone else.  Our Vader's Little Princess book shows a witty portrayal of what it would've looked like if Vader had raised his daughter Leia.  This smart and funny book tells the trials, joys and mood swings of raising a sweet little girl into a rebellious teenager!

The ruler of the Galactic Empire has to show his daughter how to brush her teeth, wear her weird arts and crafts projects, meet her boyfriends (and put them in carbonite), teach her how to fly a TIE fighter and regulate the time she spends talking with her friends via R2D2s hologram... just like a normal dad!  Darth Vader seems like a great father!

This is the perfect book to read to little Star Wars fans!

Hardcover.  64 pages.  Measures 6.75 inches long x 6.75 inches wide.


Gift Ideas

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