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Vinodote Wine Game

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Oh, whats this you ask?  A drinking game?  With wine?  Thats so classy!  We think all of our customers are the classiest (and silliest) of people, so we are bringing you our Vinodote Wine Game!  It is a drinking game similar to Mad-Libs but you use your tasting notes and random Q&A to fill in the blanks!  The story will be non-sense and hysterical! It also helps you discuss the wine a little more in-depth than you normally would.

Each game comes with 20 cards containing a subject, questions regarding the wine, random questions, a missing words short story and an interesting fact!  This is great for that aged special occasion wine or just as great, a bottle of two-buck Chuck!  Its so easy!  First you select a Master Scribe (the person in charge of the game sheet) and then while drinking the wine, the players will give the keywords requested by the Vinodote.  The MS will then use the terms in the pseudo-mad libs portion of the game and read the hilarity out loud for all!

The Vinodote instruction page also comes with a guide to help you with different wine adjectives for color, nose, palate, aromas and flavors.  So get ready for a whole lot of tipsy fun!  POUR * SMELL * SIP * WRITE * SHARE * REPEAT

Cards measure 8 inches long x 3.5 inches wide.  20 unique fun-proof games.  Hours of fun!