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Volitron Robot Knit Koozie and more Interesting Gifts at Perpetual Kid. The universe has been threatened by a mighty force that humans can not beat on their own

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The universe has been threatened by a mighty force that humans can not beat on their own!  This menace known as condensation has been effecting all of us since long ago.  There is a legend of a super force that can protect our hands from the water that comes from our beverage containers and give us peace.  This hero is our Volitron Robot Knit Koozie!  The robot is feared by all evil dripping drinks!

Sweaty bottles?  No more.  Moist handshakes?  A thing of the past.  High fives?  All day!  This is a one size fits all bottle insulator!  Seriously.  It will fit your toddlers sippy cup, your wine glass, a water bottle, a growler filled with your favorite beer or your jug of orange juice!  Now go and keep your hands dry and your drinks cold!

Designed and manufactured by a bunch of freaks in the USA!

Before you stretch it, measures 6.5 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide.  (After use, will shrink back to original size when washed).

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