Warren Tales Greeting Cards

Connect The Dots Thank You Card


Connect the dots to reveal the message! Our Connect The Dots Thank You Card is a great card to thank somebody with an enthusiastic note! It's interactive, so they must simply connect the dots to...

Going To Bed At 9PM Birthday Card


Age is just a number, right? Our Going To Bed At 9PM Birthday Card is a great card to give someone that used to party but in recent years is maybe eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon and in bed...

Introvert Party Birthday Card


Whew, that was close. I almost had to socialize. Our Introvert Party Birthday Card is perfect because most introverts don't want the party or the attention! Right? Just a little... or large cake to...

You're Pregnant! Greeting Card


It's a toast to the bun in the oven! Our You're Pregnant Card is a great way to acknowledge that a friend or family member is expecting! The card is blank on the inside so you could write...

Connect The Dots F*ck Yeah Card


Connecting the dots has never been so fun! Our interactive Connect The Dots Fuck Yeah Card is a great card to give when you want to send an enthusiastic note! It's fun because they must connect...

Fart In Front Of Each Other Greeting Card


Love is in the air Our love-is-in-the-air Inflatulated Card is the perfect card to give to someone to let them know that you're so comfortable with them that you'll just let the farts rip. You don't...