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Wash Away Useless Meetings Hand Soap



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Just read the damn email!

Rid yourself of those ineffective and mundane assemblies with our Wash Away Useless Meetings Hand Soap. Can it be done? Can these useless meetings actually be washed away? I mean, until people start actually reading the emails, I highly doubt it. The meetings are always just slides and someone talking about the slides. It could've been an email with an attachment, right? We don't need a meeting follow-up!

  • Sour Lime Webinar scented
  • 8oz of organic soap
  • Amber glass bottle
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in USA

Each amber glass bottle contains 8oz of all-natural, organic, vegan liquid castile soap. Our Wash Away Useless Meetings Hand Soap is not tested on animals, sour lime scented and made in the USA.

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