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Waterproof Shower Notebook

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How many times have you been waking up for the day in the shower when suddenly. a flash of inspiration comes to you!  Something that makes perfect sense and seems so essential to mankinds existence at that moment!..  Only to be completely forgotten 5 minutes later once you're out of the shower and rushing to school or work?  Brilliant ideas are never again forgotten, just use the hang strap to store our Waterproof Shower Notebook on your shower head for easy access!

Our Waterproof Shower Notebook and pencil has 80 tear out, no smudge pages so you can take your ideas away with you!  Think waterproof multi tasking!

Use it under water, around water, near water, it doesnt matter its 100% waterproof and  loves to get wet!

Measures 5.75 inches long x 3.5 inches wide.