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Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit
Travel Gnome
Mini Little Garden Gnome
Take him on your travels!

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Lucky you! You've discovered our Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit! It's a tiny gift that includes a mini gnome + book and possesses the power to brighten your day!

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Make gnome mistake - he's a merrymaker!

Our Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit brings a tiny bit o'luck and a charming daisy-toting tiny companion - your very own gnome buddy, complete with an interactive environment–to your home or garden!

This adorable mini kit includes the following:

  • Friendly mini garden gnome figurine with a scarlet hat and a basket full of daises
  • 2-sided illustrated backdrop featuring rolling hills, along with the occasional rainbow and birdie
  • 2 sheets of electrostatic cling stickers - wishing well, wheelbarrow of flowers, and more
  • Green artificial grass mat
  • Pocket-sized 48 page book featuring a short summary of essential gnome information and trivia

Our Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit a fun starter set for newbie gnome lovers! He's more than just a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man with an impressive beard and stylish attire!

You don't gnome me
I'm not just one of your many toys

This cute little guy is also an excellent addition to any avid gnome collectors growing collection! Just look at this tiny little fella's expression! He's sure to brighten your day!

If you need a miniature friend, this is the guy for you! He makes a wonderful travel companion as he'll easily fit in your suitcase or can be carried in your pocket! (he's very photogenic and loves to be featured in your vacation pictures or daily adventures!) He's also perfectly content waiting patiently on your desk, dresser, windowsill, inside a terrarium, or in a pot of flowers desk.

The gnome measures approximately 3 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide. He's a fun stocking stuffer, house warming gift, or thoughtful gift for fans of the movie Amelie. Kit box measures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches x 3.2 inches. Our Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit by is a miniature edition by Running Press..

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Travel Gnome
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To call him an elf would be a mis-gnomer. You're welcome.

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