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Weekend Vacation

Gear up for an epic weekend at the pool or beach with our fun and unique collection of all things pool and beach related! Hilarious and crazy cool pool floats, rafts, towels, inflatables and more!

Lip Shit Watermelon Tangerine Lip Balm


Our old fashioned, lip-smacking Lip Shit Watermelon Tangerine Lip Balm is the best! So why mess with the rest? You might not think an old-fashioned soda fountain would be welcoming to the likes of a positively pink octopus with long luscious lashes. But...

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Drinking Buddies Drink Markers


Hunks For Getting HammeredLooking for a way to spice up your next get together?  Now you can use our hilarious Drinking Buddies Drink Markers at bachelorette parties, house parties, a girls nights in, poolside or a picnic!  After all, they'll...

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Good Measure Beer Recipe Glass


Our pitcher perfect Good Measure Beer Cocktails Recipe Glass is just what the bartender ordered! You're not seeing double (yet!) this incredibly useful pint glass also doubles as a 16-oz measuring ​​glass!  Printed with 7 delectable cocktail...

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Gigantic Inflatable Soccer Ball


​Need an assist tackling your goal of having a kick @ss party this summer?  Get off the sidelines and volley your social status into the spotlight with our Gigantic Inflatable Soccer Ball! This soccer ball is huge.  Like 6 feet tall huge...

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Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm


You'll soon sea that discovering our Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm is nearly as exciting as stumbling across a new mermaid + seahorse pal! We have never really understood the whole strapless bathing suit thing, but this merlady is really rocking the...

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Giant Inflatable Beach Ball


10 Foot Tall Beach Ball! So what would you do with a beach ball the measures 10 feet in diameter when inflated?   How about have the greatest beach or pool party ever!  One that people would be talking about for years one that would...

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Gigantic Inflatable Duckie Pool Float


Sometimes adulting is not all it's quacked up to be... then comes along your favorite ole bathtub pal, all grown up and ready to party.  Suddenly it makes all of those endless days earning a paycheck totally worth it!  That's right, our...

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